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Adolf Hitler is one of a few characters in LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS who is based directly on a non-fictional person. In reality, Hitler was a failed artist-turned-dictator whose regime under his command would result in the genocide of millions of people. He is amongst the most notorious figures in history, and often ends up on lists made up of the worst people to ever exist.

In the episode Alternate Histories, Hitler appears as a younger version of himself, from when he still had aspirations as an artist. Hitler is portrayed as a short-tempered, easily distracted manchild, and his actions end up in him getting killed several times. The episode demonstrates several scenarios portraying the many ways in which he meets his demise, often in comedic ways.

Alternate Histories

Hitler bursts out through the doors of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In the first scenario - as he walks down the steps onto the pavement - he accidentally bumps into a Jewish boy. Hitler drops his artwork as he falls head-first onto the pavement, and it flies everywhere.

Enraged, Hitler gets up and launches into a hate-filled tirade. He grabs the boy's ear and smacks him on the face. Just as he is about to smack the boy a second time, two Jewish men armed with melee weapons appear from behind and they walk right up to him. Realizing that he is outmatched, Hitler nervously pats the boy on the head.

The boy pulls a switchblade from his pocket and stabs Hitler on the shin with it. Hitler screams like a girl, and then they proceed to beat him to death.

In the second scenario, he manages to dodge the boy, but ends up in the path of a run-away wagon filled with bratwurst. He is run over and proceeds to die in a pool of his blood and covered with sausages.

In the third scenario, he manages to dodge the boy and the wagon, but a giant block of gelatin that was launched from an experimental weapon falls on top of him, and he suffocates to death.

In the fourth scenario, he dodges the boy, the wagon, and the gelatin block. He is distracted by four Viennese prostitutes, and he literally fornicates to death.

In the fifth scenario, he dodges all of the previous obstacles that would have resulted in his death. A meteor - a precursor to a giant meteor that would destroy the world - falls on top of him and crushes him into a pulp.

In the sixth and final scenario, he touches his older self who had time-travelled from a far future where the Nazis had power suits. The contact between Hitler and his future self causes a space-time paradox to occur, and they both die, along with all of existence itself.


In the episode, Hitler is portrayed as a gangly figure with his trademark toothbrush moustache and haircut. He wears a green shirt with a black tie, and shorts that nearly go up to his thighs.

His future self has grey hair, a white moustache, and is inside a giant red mech suit.


  • Angry Outburst - Hitler is capable of launching into hateful tirades against whoever wrongs him. Unfortunately for him, he lacks the physical strength or the fighting skills to go beyond just yelling at people, and he is easily defeated.


  • In reality, Hitler was never actually accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Hitler applied for the university twice and was rejected both times.
  • The fourth scenario might have drawn inspiration from the rumor that Hitler only had one testicle.