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The Witness is the third episode of the first volume of LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS.

3 Symbols:

  1. Ouroboros
  2. Kinky Mask
  3. Eye

Episode Synopsis

After seeing a brutal murder, a woman flees from the killer through the streets of a surreal city.

The Plot

The episode opens with a woman applying her lipstick in a mirror when a man and a woman can be heard fighting across in another building. The woman hears gunshots from an open window and presumably witnesses a man murder someone. The woman tries to quietly shut her window but it loudly squeaks alerting the bloodied man that someone was watching. The man is shocked when he notices the woman and looks down to see a near identical naked woman dead infront of him. The woman flees her hotel room and the man hastidly chases after her. She manages to evade the man and hides in a taxi where she contacts the police but is unable to give the operator any details and hangs up when asked where the murder took place. She takes the taxi to her work to meet with her boss Vladimir while the man secretly follows her in another taxi.

As the woman arrives at work she is quickly ushered into a changing room by her coworker dressed in all leather. The man following is spotted by the coworker and is convinced to enter the all leather gimp cabaret when the coworker shouted "well do you wanna see some PUSSY". After being masked and changing into a loose dress the woman begins to perform on stage, dancing and stripping nude as the man is carressed and groped by gimps. During the performace the woman notices the man and flees off stage and the man, pushing the clingy gimps off of him attempts to follow her.

She throws on a loose kimono and collects her clothes and flees towards her boss Vladimir's room. She finds him heavily drugged on the bed with several gimps surrounding him. The woman loots through a drawer to find a pistol and hides it in her handbag. As she leaves his room she runs directly into the man and throws her clothes at him, slowing him down, as she begins to run through the streets. The man following behind her pleading with her to stop and talk to him. She runs through the city and hides in an apartment complex. She begins to ascend the stairs checking rooms until she finds an unlocked one, hiding inside and locking the door. The man close behind her makes his way into the apartment and climbs up the stairs. He approaches the locked door that the woman is hiding in and pulls out the keys to the apartment room to open it.

As the two meet he pleads with her that he just wants to talk but the woman pulls the gun and points it at him. The man approaches slowly and backs her into a bedroom where he goes for the gun and the two begin to scuffle for it with gunshots being heard. Eventually the yelling and gunshots cease and the woman, bloodied and breathing heavily, looks down at the dead man. As she catches her breath she suddenly hears a window loudly squeak and looks across into a hotel room window where she sees the man she just murdered staring at her bloodied and naked (thus repeating a different cycle).



  • Like Blindspot this episode is an original story, not based on any other work.
  • The symbol of the snake eating itself shown at the beginning of the episode is the Ouroboros- an ancient Egyptian symbol of wholeness or infinity.


Below are screenshots of the episode.